Marge Bell-Hall, Secretary/Treasurer
Billings, MT 59101


(C.E.O. of Western Health Screening)


Michael Golob, PA-C, President
Bend, OR 97702


(Phyisician Assistant – Bend, OR)


Chirs Jones, Director
Meza, AZ 85208


(Retired WHS Director & Consultant)


Jeanna Golob, R.N., Director
Bend, OR 97702


(Registered Nurse – Bend, OR)


Jerry Kirkegaard, Vice-President
Denver, CO 80210

(Retired former V.P. of Rocky Mtn Region for Quest Diagnostics, Inc.)

Christina Victoria Godbey, Director
Denver, CO 80202

(Retired Exec. Dir. Of 9HF and Consulting Services)

Paula Miller
Billings MT 59101

Training Coordinator Human Resources