Lab Screening Test Options

Western Health Screening offers comprehensive blood screening tests. This empowers each participant to take an active roll in making healthy and preventative choices based on their age, gender, lifestyle, and family history. We recommend participants see their healthcare professional and provide them with a copy of their blood screening results.

HealthScreen/TSH/Cholesterol Panel with Direct LDL/Automatic Ferritin
Liver, Kidney, Muscle and Bone function, Iron Panel including Ferritin test, Uric acid for Gout, TSH for Thyroid, 12 hour fasting Glucose and Cholesterol Panel with Direct LDL which is a methodology which specifically measures the amount of LDL rather than calculating the result.

PSAProstate Specific Antigen

CBCComplete Blood Count

Hemoglobin A1cDiabetic Screening

Vitamin DD2, D3 and Total Vitamin D Level

Cardio C-RPHeart Risk Screening looking at Inflammation in the Vascular System

Cardio IQ with HealthScreen – Comprehensive Cholesterol Sub Groupings with above HealthScreen Components

Celiac/Sprue (Gluten Intolerance) Screening – Screens for Wheat, Barley and Rye Intolerance

Vitamin B-12 and Folate – Screens for Energy and other related factors

Testosterone, Total Male – Screens for Libido, Hair Loss and Muscle Mass

Testosterone, Total Female – Screens for Libido, Hair Loss and Muscle Mass

InSure FIT Kit®Immunochemical testing for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Call for Agreement, Test Pricing, and additional information.
Referring Physician is required to order blood testing.

Compare apples to apples!

Blood Screenings are not all the same!

WHS HealthScreen Includes:

Other Lab
Basic Screening

  • Directly measured LDL (Bad Cholesterol) no calculation in lipid panel
  • Calculated LDL (Triglycerides effect calculation)
  •  TSH-Thyroid test included in panel (3rd generation, highly sensitive TSH)
  • TSH-Thyroid test – not always included or may be additional cost
  •  Iron Panel includes an automatic Ferritin test
  • Basic Iron measurement. No complete Iron Panel and No Ferritin test included
  •  EgFR additional Kidney Function Test
  •  No EgFR included
  • The above comprehensive screenings are included in the HealthScreen at no additional charge through Western Health Screening. Fasting is recommended, but not required.
  • Be sure there are no separate charges and that the above tests are included in the Chemistry Screening Panel you are ordering. Fasting 12 hours is required for accurate lipid results.

WHS additional laboratory screenings Include:

Screenings offered by other laboratory vendors:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) includes all indices and differential testing Complete Blood Count (CBC) may do only Hemogram which does not include differential testing
Hemoglobin A1c Screening
Is offered for diabetes testing and averages sugar levels over the past 120 days
Hemoglobin A1c Screening
May not be offered
Vitamin D Screening
Includes D2 (nutrient/supplement absorption), D3 (sunshine absorption), & Total Amount of Vitamin D
Other Vitamin D Screening
May be offered but includes only the Total Amount of Vitamin D and not the D2 & D3 levels
WHS – Heart Risk Screenings
Cardio IQ + HealthScreen – More comprehensive cholesterol screening that breaks HDL and LDL cholesterol into finer sub-units.
Other Heart Risk Screenings
May not be offered
May not be offered
Not offered
WHS–InSure FIT Colon Screening – No diet required, 87% accuracy, and easy collection. Results processed by laboratory, report mailed to participant to send to physician ColoCare Screening– Follow special diet for 3 days, 10% accuracy or may have false positives depending on diet, and participant determines and reports result to physician