Online Scheduling and Registration

Western Health Screening has a value added service for our clients. Online scheduling and registration provides clients the opportunity to schedule various dates, times, locations, record participant demographic information, and allow the participant to select screening tests. All information is secure and confidentially held in the WHS database. The online record is printed the day of the event and can be confirmed or changed at that time, making registration quick and easy. The online registration helps to provide timely access and eases flow for participants throughout the event.

On-Site Computerized Participant Registration System

In conjunction with the Online Registration, this system prints out the requisition that has been generated online.  However, online registration is not a requirement.  In February of 2001, Western Health Screening designed and created a customized health fair registration software program. Handwritten forms are a thing of the past…

The registration system provides:

  • Computerized participant form
  • Accuracy and legibility of participant information
  • Consent & release for participation in blood screening
  • Medicare beneficiary wavier
  • Confidentiality for participant
  • Demographic information storage for 3+ years
  • Speed and ease of participant flow from registration to blood draw
  • Calculates money to be collected by cashier
  • Participant receipt is generated
  • CPT codes for insurance claim filing on receipt
  • Company voucher management system(company(s) wishing to participate in payment of any amount toward employees blood screening)
  • Variety of reports to assist in tallying daily totals, monies collected, tests ordered, company vouchers, etc
  • Direct interface and electronic transmission to laboratory of participant’s blood screening orders

Call Center Availability

  • Value added service for client’s employee population who have no access to internet for online registration
  • Limited dates and time frames that are offered when Online Registration opens

On-Site (Day of Event) Registration

WHS provides the following for the registration area on the day of the events:

  • Laptop computers, laser jet printers, wireless keyboards/mouse sets, requisition paper, pens, etc.
  • Every participant that registered online, has a requisition ready to print at the time of service. Blood screenings can be added or deleted at that time, along with any demographic changes needed.
  • Participants who did not register online (walk-ins), can be input and can select their blood screenings.
  • Payment by Voucher is arranged in advance with coordinators, and applied at time of service.
  • Only Cash and Check are accepted for additional testing outside of company provided screenings. A receipt is given to the participant upon payment.
  • Participant signs Consent and Release, Medicare Waiver.

Online and On-Site Computerized Registration Helps With:

  • Confidentiality and Legibility of Participant Demographic and Screening Information
  • Accuracy for the Phlebotomist and laboratory, as peel off barcode labels provide participant name and encrypted demographics and blood screenings.
  • Participant demographic database stored for 3 years
  • Ease for Cashier and Client Invoicing
  • Variety of Reports available (see enclosed Handouts)
  • Electronic transmission to laboratory so all participant records are logged and ready for processing immediately when samples arrive
  • WHS provide trained operator and a WHS representative is always present to answer questions and assistant with any hardware issues