Comprehensive Approach to Heart Health

Cardio IQ® & HealthScreen is an advanced lipid panel with all the added chemistry tests that the HealthScreen  Panel contains. It helps the healthcare provider determine if cholesterol components can be lowered with diet and exercise or if other prescribed vitamins or medication would be more effective.

  • Extensive measurement of lipid components
  • Breaks HDL, LDL into sub-units
  • Identifies risk for Heart Disease and Metabolic Syndrome
  • The Cardio IQ® Report provides an in-depth analysis of patient’s cardiac health, based on a number of different factors, from basic lipids to lipoprotein subfractionation.

Cardio IQ® helps you:

  • Assess baseline risk by using advanced testing to help characterize a patient’s individual cardiovascular disease risk—while evolving treatment guidelines emerge
  • Guide personalized therapy by utilizing a patient’s unique profile to help determine and optimize the treatment they need to achieve better heart health
    – Initiate/intensify statin therapy
    – Identify opportunities for adjunct therapy
    – Set diet, exercise and lifestyle targets
  • Monitor response to therapy by leveraging a patient’s testing history to optimize their treatment plan
  • Offer ongoing patient support through the 4myheart® Clinical Educators, who help patients understand their test results and learn how they can adopt and adhere to their clinicians’ treatment plan
    – The 4myheart® Program is available at no additional cost for patients who have had
    Cardio IQ® Testing performed in the last 6 months. For more information, visit or call (800) 432-7889