Western Health Screening has partnered with Quest Diagnostics – Denver Regional Laboratory – for 25+ years which has maintained quality testing services for WHS clients.

Four to six weeks after blood draws are completed, the laboratory sends Western Health Screening an aggregate statistical package. The statistics are not participant specific. The package can be emailed or printed out and mailed to the sponsor.

This information includes:

  • Number of men and woman havng blood drawn at your screening
  • Reference ranges for each blood analyte
  • Number of participants with “Alert Lo”, “Low”, “Within Range”, and “Alert Hi” values — with graphs of each analyte with male and female participants seperated.

The aggregate statistics are helpful for community and corporate wellness programs to establish areas for further education. (ex. High glucose levels – diabetes education, TSH levels – Thyroid education, high cholesterols – nutrition/exercise education)

Aggregate blood screening statistics package (PDF file)

For more information about Quest Diagnostics, visit their website at www.QuestDiagnostics.com