After 30 years of providing blood screening services to communities and corporate sponsors throughout Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, Western Health Screening is saying Good-bye and retiring. We have enjoyed each step of the journey and it has truly been our mission to provide education and services that would help provide you with “Health-A Lifetime of Happiness”.

If you are a past participant of our organization’s wellness or health fairs events, you may request a copy of any/all your blood screening results. If you did not receive your 2019 results/report, WHS will mail a laboratory copy to you at no charge. For all 2018 and previous years reports there is a $5.00 fee for each year requested.

WHS will take requests until March 15, 2020. Please send e-mail request to or call 406.252.3225, but know your results are still available and remain accessible by contacting:

Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Health Fair Department
695 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

Phone: 303.899.6703 or 303.899.6591

Fax: 303.899.6316

From the Many Faces of Western Health Screening

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